Deepen the Monastic Practice to Build Up Better Strength

As the pandemic of COVID-19 prevails, people are on the edge of fear. In addition to the task of caring for those who are uneasy in society, DDM sangha group seized the chance to practice diligently. Before the monastic retreat in summer, DDM Sangha Education Department and Chan Hall have jointly arranged a 40-day retreat, divided into 5-sessions, from April 21 to May 31 in the Lotus Academy.

The retreat is guided by Venerable Chang Sheng (常乘法師), Director of Chan Hall. According to Venerable Chang Sheng, “It is quite different from a short period 7-day retreat, the attitude, the methods, and the practice tempo of a long period retreat. Even as a monastic, it is still necessary for one to return to the fundamental methods and deepen the practices in a gradual manner.”

"Now, it may not be feasible for everyone to directly contribute to society during the pandemic; on the other hand, what one can do is to ”equip themselves with better strength" said Venerable Chang Zao (常藻法師), Director of Monastic Continued Education Department. That the monastics deepen their practices is exactly the right approach to equip their strength to serve and bring calmness and peace to the society in the future.

Text: Venerable Yan Xiao (演曉法師)
Photo: Fan, Lee (李東陽)
Translation: Chen-an, Hsiao (蕭宸安)
Editing: Elenda Huang, DDM Australian Editorial Team

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