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The Formula of Mind - Outdoor Chan Practice for DDYP Malaysia

On April 19 2015, Dharma Drum for Young People in Malaysia (DDYP) held an advanced outdoor Chan meditation in Bukit Jalil Park, attracting 21 participants to go on the journey of the formula-of-mind.

The study of formula has always been the core of mathematics. Would the formula of mind be the ultimate core of humanity? The formula of mind is in fact the practice to remain at ease at any time and place, and to be able to find innate happiness. What then is innate happiness? Most people define happiness as a stage whereby everything works out well and smooth or that they have their wishes granted. But with ever-changing karmic causality, such happiness that we refer to is subject to change at any moment- it is a temporary and impermanent experience.

On this breezy and sunny morning, having explained the guidelines of the event, Ven. Chang Jian (常鑑) with the assistance of two senior youth started leading Eight- Form Moving Meditation. This was followed by a 30-minute walking meditation session, Chan practice in a tea ceremony and a shared lunch.

Ven. Chang Jian stated to the participants that mindfulness, awareness and relaxation are the basics for Chan practice. One should be mindful of every bodily movement, be it in Eight-Form Moving Meditation, walking or sitting meditation. Through the practice of meditation, we bring our mind back to the present moment. Although there are a variety of life forms coexisting on earth, they all want the same thing- not to suffer. From presidents and millionaires to hard-working ants and bees, all types of beings want to obtain happiness. It goes without saying that the definition of happiness and suffering are extremely different from one life form to another. This issue also applies to a relatively narrow “spectrum” of human beings within the six planes of existence. A person’s suffering could be another’s joy, and vice versa.”

Ven. Chang Jian also pointed out that no matter what your definition of wellbeing is, in Buddhism, real happiness rises from internal tranquility and ease. To cultivate this ease of body and mind, Chan methods allow us to restore our body and mind to its simplest and purest state through which people can experience Buddhadharma and learn the wisdom where one’s mind is not affected by the environment. Chan practice helps us to understand, affirm and transcend themselves. Put another way, ‘self-knowing’ is to be aware of ones own thinking, strengths and weaknesses by practicing Chan at anytime and anyplace. It is because of this awareness that we develop the ability to control our mind. With that self-affirmation, self- transcendence comes along.

The taking of a group picture marked the end of his outdoor Chan activity.

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