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Dharma Drum Vancouver Center Holds Refuge Taking and Buddha Bathing Ceremony

Dharma Drum Vancouver Center (DDVC) held a refuge taking and Buddha bathing ceremony on the morning of 23 May 2015 (North America time zone). The Abbot President Ven. Guo Dong was present to express concerns and blessings, and to bath the Buddha statue as well as one’s innate Buddha-nature with over 220 followers on the joyful Buddha’s Birthday.

In the refuge taking ceremony immediately after Buddha bathing service, 48 devotees ranging from 6 years old to 85 made vows to take refuge in the Three Jewels. Many of those attendees or onlookers were new faces to the center.

Abbot President then blessed those refuge-takers, saying, “taking refuge in the Three Jewels and keeping the Five Precepts make happy Buddhists live at ease in this life; more than that, it also grants us perfect and joyful future lives. This year, DDM set its annual topic as Great Light, signifying: Using wisdom to transform circumstances, one’s mind is bright. Using compassion to benefit others, one’s promise is great.”

Finally, Abbot President cited contents of a recently-launched book, “Forgive and Let Go, to Form and Live in Favorable Conditions”, to encourage participants to apply Buddhadharma to daily life; hundreds of new books on the spot were sold out immediately. When facing people’s needs to sign book, Abbot President gladly signed each book with blessings. DDVC even created positive connection with the public using longevity peach buns and aromatic water. Besides, an extra English Buddha bathing ceremony would be held on 24 to share the joy of Buddha’s birthday and to pray for peace and harmony for everyone.

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