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Two-day “Spiritual Health” Chan Retreat

On May 16 and 17, Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia Center held a two-day “Spiritual Health” Chan retreat at Chin Swee Caves Temple in Genting Highlands, allowing 89 retreatants to experience calm and relaxation of mind in a serene surrounding far away from bustling and hustling city.

The two-day retreat was conducted in silence, and there was no conversation between participants. In addition to sitting meditation, the Eight-Form Moving Meditation, outdoor walking meditation and Yoga exercises, the retreat also included late Master Sheng Yen’s video Dharma talk on correct methods of and mindset for Chan practice, as well as its realization in daily life.

At the beginning of the retreat, supervisor Ven. Chang Jian (常鑑) spoke to and urged participants to learn seclusion at four levels, “First of all, one secludes oneself from the urban life down there. Next, one secludes oneself from any place outside the temple. And then, one goes on to seclude oneself from any area other than the Chan Hall. Finally, one secludes oneself from any person, thing, and object beyond the cushion. We gather our mind, leaving room for nothing else except for our ‘self’ and the cushion.”

During the two days of retreat, participants fully experienced relaxation and ease of mind. The guiding monastics also reminded everyone to keep applying the methods of practice in their busy daily life when and wherever possible, to enjoy constant calm and serenity.

(by Chen Yanxing)

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