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Reflection on DDM yearly theme of 2020:
"Nurture blessings and you will be blessed! "

Blessings- What is it?

Ultimately it is the constant cleanliness, lightness and peacefulness of our inner world.

It is full of:


Healthy body and mind, ease of body and mind, contentment of body and mind.
Contentment with our environment, with others.

No stress, no pressure. Full of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Spring- planting the seeds of blessings

Are we sowing a ‘Private Patch’ of blessings? One where the fruit of our labour is reserved for a select few?

Or, are we growing a ‘Universal Patch’ of blessings? One where all of humanity and beyond can benefit from it?

Resources available to humanity are limited. All good things will come to an end when we only take and enjoy what we have.

When we cherish and nurture our blessings, and grow it in a ‘Universal Patch’, then, blessings will reach far and wide and we too will be blessed.

The Buddha is completely blessed.

Autumn- harvesting the wisdom of Buddha dharma

If after we study and understand Buddhism we can see:

Our health
The complexity of our environment
The ups and downs of our life
The coming and going of people, events and phenomena
Gain and loss
Success and failure

With an ordinary mind. To really live our life with an ordinary mind, then, this is great wisdom. This is a blessing.

If we have wisdom, we won’t be disturbed by worries and difficulties. This is a blessing.

Great Compassion is a further blessing. This is when we wish to benefit every being and everything we come into contact with, instead of wanting to get something from them.

I’m aware that my time is limited so I need to use my time wisely to be of benefit to others. This is a blessing.

When do we stop cultivating blessings?

We continue to be of benefit to all by sowing seeds of blessings far and wide, we do this ceaselessly, until we reach enlightenment. Then, the integrity of our blessings will be perfected.

Written by Jessie Chang (DDM Sydney)

[Please note]: this reflection and understanding is my own, though imperfect, I hope it contributes to our “Universal Patch”.

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"Nurture blessings and you will be blessed! "