DDM Helps Haitian Quake-afflicted Children Receive Education

DDM Helps Haitian Quake-afflicted Children Receive Education

Before ending their reconstruction assistance after the Haiti earthquake, from October 16th to 19th, DDM Social Welfare and Charity Foundation (DDMSWCF) visited numerous principal rescue units such as local juvenile vocational schools, street schools and children hospitals. Forthright and sincere youth and children showed their passion with tooth exposed smiles to joyfully greet the volunteers from Taiwan who have been precious friends for them in this period.

DDMSWCF said that besides offering commodities for livelihood and medical appliances, DDMSWCF kept an attitude towards respecting the local culture and raising the refugees’ spirit to assist them to change the gloomy atmosphere after the disaster. After the disaster, DDMSWCF had visited the disaster areas to realize what the key necessities were, set the goals of reconstruction to uplift the quality of education and protection of the environment and to care for the people in the disaster areas through education.

When DDM proceeded with the ‘Four Fields for Cultivating Peace: Mind, Body, Family, Activity’, it also specifically considered the request of people in the disaster areas and helped establish local vocational and street schools. Furthermore, DDM offered funding for rebuilding schoolhouses and reopening curricula for purchasing tools and equipment for water cleaning and power-saving. These practical measures mainly benefitted the orphans and youngsters who have had to lead their life under extremely difficult circumstance after the earthquake.

Guan Zen-Yi said that all the volunteers felt very moved about what they could do to help to convey the charity from all sections of the world to disaster areas through DDM. It was touching that when the refugees were really in need of care and support DDM were there and that now students can happily learn new knowledge in safe classrooms and enjoy stable lives where they can acquire professional skills through sound practice, teaching, and learning to uplift the quality of life. Guan said that the smiles and laughter that the students showed will be the warmest memory in her lifetime.

Joanne, a sophomore majored in nursing, happily said that due to the heavy burden of being part of a big seven member family, she was very appreciative of the assistance from Taiwan as it helped her to recommence her education again. In addition, because of her practical training, she can now apply what she learned in hospitals and broaden her horizons. Then, with a firm attitude, she said she will cherish the learning time which is hard to acquire and be the best nurse in Haiti to care for every patient with love.

Since the earthquake caused heavy casualties in Haiti in January 2010, DDM has continually offered all sections of the society their compassionate assistance and cooperated with government to raise funds together. Besides, DDM also collaborated with international charitable organizations such as NPH and NPFS to embark on long-term spiritual care and reconstruction. We can tell that from the smiles of the Haitian children now that the effort of DDM has been beneficial.

(Translated by Tom Hsieh/Edited by DDM Australia Editing Team)

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