DDM Sydney Grand Opening and Public Talk

DDM Sydney Grand Opening and Public Talk

September 2013 marked a significant milestone for DDM Sydney with the grand opening of the practice centre in Hornsby. DDM Sydney and guests welcomed Abbot President Guo Dong Fashi, Guo Chi Fashi, Guo Jian Fashi, Chang Gui Fashi, Chang Zhen Fashi and Mr. Jimmy Chou to the newly renovated Hornsby centre on the morning of Sunday 15 September, this was followed by a public talk by Abbot President at The University of Sydney in the afternoon titled “Portable Happiness”.

Honored guests at the grand opening included: Ambassador Ms Katherine Chang, Taipei Economic and Cultural office in Australia, Director General Joseph Chow, Taipei Economic and Cultural office in Sydney, Mr. Brian White, President of Buddhist Council of N.S.W and Mr. Matt Kean, Hornsby MP. There were around 150 people in attendance. Each guest spoke about the importance of the work of Dharma Drum Mountain in creating and maintaining a healthy social and spiritual landscape for individuals and communities. Agnes Chow, President of Dharma Drum Mountain Sydney also spoke about the wish for DDM Sydney to serve the community with DDM activities and initiatives. Guests attending the opening ceremony joined the Abbot President and other Fashis by chanting The Great Compassionate Sutra for the official purification of the centre. Guests enjoyed a wholesome vegetarian lunch box before the opening ceremony concluded.

Following the opening ceremony, at the University of Sydney, Abbot President Guo Dong Fashi spoke to the general public on the topic of Chan in everyday life. The title “Chan – Portable Happiness” was created by DDM Sydney, to convey to the public that the positive effects of Chan can always be accessed by the practitioner anywhere, anytime. In his speech, Abbot President Guo Dong spoke about Chan as a method for anyone to use to access a peace of mind, not just for Buddhists. Abbot President spoke to the public in a friendly manner, discussing with the audience, ways to live and be happy.

Written by Jessie Chang

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