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Purify oneself and purify the society:
Venerable Guo Kai lectured at DDM Hong Kong

In a time of chaos, as a Buddhist, can we better compose ourselves than others? Can we create peace for those around us? On Sep. 14th and 15th, Venerable Guo Kai (果慨法師), Convener of DDM Dharma Service Program, visited DDM Hong Kong Center again to give a two-day lecture.

Ven. Guo Kai encouraged the public to apply Buddhadharma in daily life to create peace for ourselves and others. (Provided by DDM Hong Kong)

“Learning Buddhism is to meet ourselves, rather than the Buddha,” said Ven. Guo Kai, and the moment we purify ourselves, we are actually purifying the society as well. In a constantly changing environment, the “external conditions” provide us an opportunity to practice “awareness.” Right because everything is in a state of impermanence, one should be even more dedicated in one’s own practice. One who could adeptly apply the Buddhadharma would be able to adapt to the environment accordingly so as to respond precisely to the situation with compassion – the root of Buddhadharma.

Late Master Sheng Yen once said that the purpose of having a monastery is not to keep everybody in; rather, we should send everyone out to share with all the Buddhadharma we’ve learned, shared Ven. Guo Kai. If one could compose oneself and fulfill one’s responsibilities, then one could apply Buddhadharma to listen to others, creating peace for all. “Wherever I am, there is the pure land,” said Ven. Guo Kai.

Buddha refers to one who attains enlightenment and also helps others to attain enlightenment. The purpose of learning various methods is to help each and every one to attain Buddhahood through a certain method that resonates with him or her. “Non-duality” refers to not being confined by two opposites so as to encompass all. In a troubled era, how we face different situations could reflect how much wisdom we have.

It is generally believed that stamina is the most important requirement for finishing a marathon. However, Ven. Guo Kai reminded that the “direction” one takes would be even more important. Try to move on and don’t get stuck in the dead-end; follow the conditions and head toward the destination of Buddhahood. When looking at things, we, as if from a vantage point, should try to expand both the scope of time and space.

It is like sailing a boat. The boat will easily run aground if the water is not deep enough. Therefore, Ven. Guo Kai kindly encouraged all to keep on practicing diligently.

Text/Photos: DDM Hong Kong
Translation: Frances Liu (劉演珮)
Editing: DDM Editorial Team; John Wu (吳俊宏)

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Venerable Guo Kai lectured at DDM Hong Kong