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Transmitting the light of Wisdom in DDM Sydney

For the event this year, the weather was very auspicious, a sunny Sunday morning in upper North Shore, Sydney. Family and friends gathered for this special event, numbers doubled from last year with about 30 people in attendance.

It is evident that the centre is looking great, 5 new notice boards have gone up, Chun lien line the stairs from the entrance level to the Chan Hall, snake lanterns are hanging from the ceiling down stairs and the centre is sparkling clean from the Chinese New Year Spring cleaning working bee.
The event was opened by Melody Lin who spoke about the positive changes that were coming for DDM Sydney including the renovation of the centre this year. Agnes Chow then delivered a touching presentation with pictures and stories of families that have weaved the story of DDM Sydney for the past 10 years. Family members received certificates of appreciation and it was very good to see them come up, receive the award and speak sincerely about DDM and Master Shen Yen. This is the 11th year of DDM in Sydney and as a new member, it was nice to see the families that have made DDM Sydney what it is today. Not having met Master Shen Yen personally, I was able to see how he has touched and positively influenced DDM members. Towards the end of the presentation, I realised how I saw DDM. This is a place where many different paths meet, a place where people can seek a way to live more peacefully, ethically and develop Chan practice.
The event then moved on to the lighting of candles, the room was divided into two, I stood on the right side and lit candles for people on this side. One by one people took their candles in front of the alter, made a wish and placed their candle on the alter. Many prayers were made and finally I made mine. I prayed for peace of heart, body, family and work. A simple but needed prayer that came straight from Master Shen Yen’s 5 Fold Spiritual Renaissance campaign.
I’m now thinking of the Bodhisattva vow of Master Shen Yen. It gives me comfort and fills me with gratitude that in a world of constant change, there are vows so eternal and constant.

(by DDM Sydney. Sunday 24 February 2013)

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