DDM Global Website: A renewed version to share the treasure of Chan Buddhist Teachings in a reinvented vision

In response to the development of various Internet carriers and the needs of readers with diverse reading habits, the renewed DDM Global Website will officially be launched on July 16, 2020, to continue to share with readers worldwide the stories of Dharma Drum Mountain and Buddhist wisdom in the Chan teachings.

The redesigned website welcomes users with a “Chan Meditation Roadmap,” to help beginners interested in Chan practice find resources to directly build an overall picture about Chan practice. “Great Dharma Drum,” a DDM’s precious gem featuring

Master Sheng Yen’s video Dharma talks, will be presented regularly and systematically. The topics of his talks include methods of Chan practice, Buddhist concepts, Buddhism in daily life, as well as social issues in light of Buddhist perspectives. In “Master Sheng Yen’ Life Story”, the newly added chronicles and animation series serve to recollect milestone events in Master Sheng Yen’s life. “About DDM”, on the other hand, gives a detailed introduction about DDM’s vision and how it became to where it is today.

“Global Buddhist Community”, “Chan and Modern Life”, “Special Topics in Chan Buddhism”, “Dharma Words for the Heart”, and “The Reality of Chan Practice” together constitute the “Chan World,” a corner of wisdom where users can trace the footprints of Chan Buddhist teachings from ancient times to modern day, and reflect on how Chan practice can be applied in today’s world.

Also added are “ Chan Buddhism Resources” and a glossary, to help users clarify their doubts by accessing fundamental Buddhist knowledge, the Chan Magazine, the “Original Face” newsletters, and major Buddhist terms. ”Meeting with Guanyin Bodhisattva” and “Sounding the Lotus Bell Online” are interactive virtual activities for users to experience Buddhist wisdom and calmness online, in the present moment.

Two additional sub-websites, DDM International Meditation Group and Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education, are also included. The former provides first-hand information regarding regular group practice activities for Western practitioners living in Taiwan, whereas the latter offers online tour and online booking for visit to the Center’s complex.

Welcome to our brand new DDM Global Website after July 16, 2020 at

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A renewed version to share the treasure of Chan Buddhist Teachings in a reinvented vision